Homeownership Opportunities

The Home-buyers Club Residents of public housing have the opportunity to move out of traditional public housing and into a single-family home.  While residing in the home participants are educated about the issues involved in buying and owning a home.  A Housing home-sold-sign-houseCounselor works with participants one on one to remove the barriers to homeownership by preparing clients to become mortgage-ready, enabling them to pre-qualify for loans, and informing them of the range of special financing and mortgage programs available.  Participants must meet program requirements to transfer into the Pre-Homeownership Program. Are you ready for the Pre-Homeownership Program?  Are you employed full-time or do you have stable income? Do you pay your rent and other bills on time?  Do you have time, ability and willingness to learn how to take care of a house?  Are you willing to work on resolving past financial obligationsIf you have answered yes to all of these questions, then contact Jamia Shelby, Homeownership Coordinator, (256) 532-5620.Participants learn about the home buying process while receiving one on one housing counseling, education, guidance, and group support.  Participants learn how to:

  • Improve money management skills.
  • Develop a household budget and home buying action plan.
  • Develop a savings plan
  • Resolve credit issues.

For more information about our homeownership opportunities, you may call our office at (256) 532-5620.