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Primary Function:

The Contracting Department is responsible for the solicitation of all Request for Proposals (RFP), Invitations for Bid (IFB), and finalizing all Contractual Agreements. It ensures that the Agency receives quality products and services, and promotes excellence in customer service and contractor relations. The Contracting Office maintains active lists of contractors for the purpose of soliciting quotes, bids and proposals on various categories of commodities and services.

Tracie McCann
Tracie McCannProcurement Officer

Notice to all vendors:

Huntsville Housing Authority (HHA) is in the process of transitioning its pricing solicitations for products and services to an electronic submission process. This process will require a new vendor registration. If the Notice To Bidders contains the following statement, (To respond please go to the Nahro website and register as a new vendor in order to complete or submit a quote, bid, proposal etc.) Click the NAHRO logo at the right if you need to register. It is the recommendation of HHA that all vendors immediately complete the vendor registration process. Registration is free and will allow you to have instant continuing access to all agency electronic solicitations. Again if you have questions about registration please call vendor support at 1-866-526-9266.