Public Housing                                                                      

The core purpose of our agency is to ensure that our residents have the opportunities and resources they need to achieve their goals, not just to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing. HHA currently provides a variety of housing options to low-income individuals and families: more than 1700 rental apartments, including 1697 units of public housing, and 1606 Housing Choice (Section 8) vouchers. We serve all members of our community, including seniors, families, individuals and persons with disabilities, which meet the eligibility criteria for our programs. HHA partners with community agencies throughout city of Huntsville and Madison County to link our residents to services such as education, substance abuse and youth programs, financial services and job training and life skills.

Apartment Communities 

HHA maintains a diverse portfolio of apartment communities located throughout the city of Huntsville that are dedicated to low-income residents. The housing units  range in size from efficiencies to five-bedroom apartments to single family homes, and have rent amounts that are well below market rates. The large majority  of these properties are managed and operated by HHA. Some of our apartments are public housing, which is directly subsidized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and managed by HHA. Rent amounts in public housing are set at 30 percent of the household’s monthly income.